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in a groundbreaking motion picture certain to thrill and delight Christian audiences everywhere. Your one-of-a-kind, unique opportunity to be embraced as a "hero" to millions of potential customers.


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on Orbiter's main page which gets...


On-average Over 7,000 legit hits every single month, plus...

David Rosler is a welcome guest on two dozen radio shows with 30-minute interviews every time. David will be on radio to millions of listeners telling them to go to your company website in what amounts to hours of infomercial time before the movies is every released. How about next week?
Plus... a stand-alone special thanks in the end credits of the movie AND - and this is big - 1% of the Producer's gross in the movie (after the theater chain take of 30%) for 2 years, payed quarterly . You'll never get an advertising opportunity like this again and there are only a few potential placements to be had in the movie. Once the option is gone, it;s not to be had again. grab it before this amazing and affordable advertising options slips through your fingers!

Why Product Placement In "Orbiter" Is Good For Your Business

Does Product Placement Really Work?

YES. So much so that some companies have mostly abandoned traditional television advertising in exchange for product placement in TV and Movies; audiences can avoid the TV commercials but they cannot avoid a product shown within the body of the movie or TV show they have specifically chosen to enjoy. When product placement products are identified in some positive way, the results are outstanding. 


60% of moviegoers feel more positive about brands that they recognized in a placement.

A minimum of a 30% increase in brand awareness occurs.

Product placements on emotionally engaging programs are recognized by 43% more viewers than movies that would be described as “eye candy.” Orbiter is a Christian motion picture designed for the 19 "Bible Belt" states and beyond. That amounts to approximately an absolute bare minimum potential of 100 million extremely-emotionally-invested audience members connecting more strongly to your product or service than in any other kind of motion picture. 

68% of product placements last for 5 seconds or less. YOUR PRODUCT WILL BE ON-SCREEN FOR AT LEAST 10 SECONDS while fitting seamlessly into the story's positive scenes. 

Scroll down to see and read the possibilities. 

"Orbiter" is becoming famous nationally before its been made



"A winner"..... "Great story"... "(Orbiter's) got all sorts of things going on in there to attract all sorts of different people. Action, it's in space, which you know is a big draw, and of course, it's got the  faith-based angle as well so it sounds like a  winner to me, I can't wait to see this thing."              

~ Bill & Joel In The Morning,  WDUN 550, Atlanta/North Georgia's most popular morning drivetime radio show. 



"Orbiter is a riveting story, I think it's a great project. I've supported it and to all the listeners, I encourage them to do so as well."                                                                                                    

~ Andy Hooser, Voice of Reason, KQEM 

Radio / KGBT-TV, Witchita, fastest-growing drivetime radio/TV show in the state of Kansas 



 "The whole premise of the movie sounds fantastic.... I love the fact that (David Rosler) is targeting young people as well, on trying to make them proud of their faith again..... It would make   sense to invest in this."                                                

 ~ Real news, Morning Drivetime with Mr. Henry and Nick Crawford, 92.3 FM & 760 AM, Knoxville, Tennessee 



 "A high-tech, beautifully done, well-scripted, great action film with Christian and sci-fi values in it. That's the bottom line."                                                                                                                                  ~ Bill Myers, The Bill Myers Show, KMED, Oregon  


 "(Orbiter) is focused on breaking into the genre of Christian film, that predominantly has not had this high quality of a film, 3D effects and the           ability to reach beyond just a Christian audience but to reach into a secular audience as well, with a very well crafted script and a very well crafted story... not a (typically) cheesy Christian film but    with new technology. Please donate."                        

  ~ Pastor Greg Young, The Chosen Generation, a nationally syndicated radio program 



 "I've got grandkids, I like your approach of trying to reach younger people... I'm really looking forward to seeing (Orbiter)".                                                                                                                             ~ The Lanny James Show, KMLB 540 & 105    

Comparing Our Studio to Hollywood's Biggest Blockbusters

A Sample of how your product can look in "Orbiter", your best Product Placement opportunity for a hard-to-reach, massive Demographic. 


In the 1983 film Risky Business, Tom Cruise wore a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses  resulting in a 3,000% sales increase.

After the 2003 remake of The Italian Job, BMW saw a sales increase of 22% over the previous year, even though the movie only saw unimpressive box office returns.

After the James Bond movie GoldenEye. BMW's unreleased Z-10 saw 9,000 pre-orders totaling over $240 million in advance sales.

The Autobot version of the Chevy Camaro in Transformers saw over 60,000 units were sold in less than a year.

After Toy Story, Etch-A-Sketch saw an astonishing 4,500% sales increase and Mr. Potato Head saw an 800% increase.


Because audience members feel like they're in a movie when they’re using the product.  The key to a good placement is to make sure the item is noticed, but doesn’t feel like a commercial. 


The average TV commercial costs $392,500.00, and production of a 30 second national spot is about $550,000.00, on-average. National air time to run a single 30 second ad on primetime TV  averaged around $123,000 per 30-second showing.  By contrast, in Obriter your product Brand is almost certain to be seen by a minimum of 10 million people  and identified with a positive moment or character, seen by an often-wealthy, totally underserved - and therefore appreciate -hard-to-reach audience who will respond more strongly in a Christian motion picture than any other possible venue.  

Orbiter alone can offer to showcase your product or service to the hard-to-reach Christian audience and mainstream, ticket-buying science fiction and special effects and 3D movie seekers, demographics with much disposable income.  

Orbiter has got to be a good deal for your product or service!

1. Orbiter associates your product in a 100% positive moment. 

2. Product placement in Orbiter costs many times less than a TV ad and Christian movies have an extremely engaged audience; many times larger than the generally casual TV audience.

3. Product Placement in Orbiter costs fractionally less than a product placement in a mainstream Hollywood feature. 

4. Orbiter reaches the rarely-directly-reached, reasonably affluent but otherwise dramatically under-served Christian community, amounting to the largest single demographic in the world.

5. Orbiter allows your product or service to be seen on-screen longer than  most other product placement alternatives.

6. Your brand is advertised to millions of people during 30-minute interviews with director David Rosler as a hero company they will appreciate, long before Orbiter is even released.

7.  7,000-plus people per month on-average will see your brand as a hero company on the Orbiter website for the next full year (about when the motion picture is estimated to be completed and released)

8. Your company/product/brand will get a stand-alone thank -you in the final credits for Orbiter.

Don't miss this unique and singularly outstanding advertising opportunity. You'll be delighted that you invested for product Placement in Orbiter, an already-nationally-recognized-before-its-even-been-completed first of its kind: a 3D, special effects-heavy Christian action thriller.

EMAIL Studio Executive Producer / Director David Rosler at


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