SEE THE STUDIO UPDATE VIDEO. We're moving to within commuting distance to New York City!


The Studio is moving soon to commuting distance to NYC!

130 Creativity-friendly acres


Remote and quiet, like the Hollywood studios of old. It simply makes sense.

The Rehersal Hall


It speaks for itself. The balcony surrounding the rehearsal hall on the second floor (which house half the offices)  allows for supervising rehearsals without the distraction for the actors of having onlookers within their sight-lines, critical for fast and efficient perfecting of the drama of the scenes.

The Offices


The offices are comfortable and each with an amentiy appropriate to the purpose of the office.

A Large Shooting Stage


35 x 90 feet with a 20 foot-high ceiling and beyond the beams another 15 feet after that with catwalks for lights and rigging. A true studio as they used to be. 

New Approaches


Merging elements of pre-production, production and what would normally be post-production yields fast, inexpensive and superior results.

Dramatic Results


...which compete with Hollywood blockbusters!