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David Rosler


 David Rosler - Writer/Producer/Director

David Rosler has written and will produce and direct the studio's features (3 screenplays are polished, budgeted and partially designed, 2 more are in stages of completion), as well as ensuring the creation of the visual effects required to tell the studio's unique visual stories effectively and realistically. David has over 35 years experience in the industry as the producer, director, animator, storyboard artist/director and creator of special effects. David Rosler's unusually diverse cinematic career highlights include Writer/producer/ director, H.G. Welles' The First Men In the Moon (3D feature); Alien's, Dinosaurs, Mythology & Us (3D series pilot, accepted by the now-defunct Panasonic 3D TV channel); Producer/Director Saturday Morning (romantic comedy feature, Vivendi Universal); storyboards/character design Everyone's Hero (feature, 20th Century Fox); Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers ( syndicated TV series, ITC Entertainment); Much high-end creative work (directing, producing, storyboards, special effects) for many TV commercial spots, J. Walter Thompson, Sachi & Sachi, others); Special Effects Alive planetarium laser disc series continues to be regarded as best in industry; more. See a larger encapsulation of David Rosler's career highlights at DAVID ROSLER.COM.  NOTE: Apparently there are a few people in the motion picture industry named David Rosler. To avoid confusion, here is the website for the studio's Founder, David Rosler 

Roy Frumkes


 Associate Producer -  New York City / Hollywood
A 40-year NYC screenwriter, Producer and Director, and good friend of David Rosler for about that long, Roy dreamed up and wrote the original screenplay "The Substitute" which was the number 1 box office winner when it was released and spawned 3 sequels as well writing literally dozens of others; wrote and produced the cult, multi-award-winning "Street Trash" which premiered at the prestigious Lincoln Center; wrote, produced and directed the sensitive documentary about Downs Syndrome, "Burt's Bikers" for NBC television; wrote, produced and directed the award-winning comprehensive documentary study of independent film-making in the US, focusing on the career of director and good friend, the late, legendary George Romero, "Document of the Dead" (pulling the title from the classic "Night of the Living Dead" series of motion pictures Romero Produced and Directed).  From 1985 to 1994 Roy co-produced and co-directed the extremely prestigious annual D.W.Griffith Awards Ceremony, working directly with the likes of Paul Newman, Bette Davis, William Hurt, Steven Spielberg, Kirk And Michael Douglas, Sidney Poitier, Jodie Foster and Sean Connery and a very long list of other legends. Since 1953, the D.W. Griffith Award was one of the most prestigious prizes second to the Oscars, given for lifetime achievement to such cinematic luminaries as Frank Capra, Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock.  Few people on the east coast are as well-connected as Roy, who will be working to bring top talent behind and in front of the cameras for the Studio in both the New York and at the studio. Roy was a 30- year member of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. He wrote for the oldest film journal in the United States, Films In Review (established in 1919) for over 20 years before purchasing the magazine in 1996, which he still owns, is still editor-in-chief and for which David Rosler now serves as Special Contributing Editor.  Appropriate for the studio, one of Roy's all-time favorite motion pictures is The Ten Commandments, and he is pleased to be contributing his considerable skill and talent to a "very worthwhile and extremely exciting project". 

Daniel Godsil


Dr. Daniel Godsil, Composer

Dr. Godsil, who holds a Doctorate in Philosophy for Music from the University of California at Davis, is a brilliant composer/conductor of chamber, orchestral, vocal, electronic, and film music. His music has been described by the San Francisco Classical Voice as having an “intense dramatic narrative.” Notable performers of Daniel's compositions include the Metropolitan Orchestra of Saint Louis, the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, the University Symphony Orchestra at California State University, Fullerton and the Nova Singers, among others. Recent film scores include the PBS documentary “Boxcar People,” Man Ray’s 1926 silent film “Emak-Bakia” and three of David Rosler's productions; H.G. Wells’s “The First Men in the Moon,” "Aliens, Dinosaurs, Mythology and Us". Remarkably gifted, Daniel's Quintet for Woodwinds won first prize in the 2004 Fisher Young Composer’s Competition. His choral works are published by Alliance Music Publishing and NoteNova Publishing. Daniel was for several years the organist at his church before leaving Illinois. 

Lonny Buinis


 Lonny Buinis - Technical/Scientific Adviser

Astronomical expert Lonny Buinis is one of David Rosler's oldest and closest friends. A small observatory was recently named after Lonny, so well-respected is he in his field. With degrees in physics, computer sciences and mathematics, he ran one of the most technologically advanced planetariums in the United States. Lonny is also a ranking member of the International Astronomical Artists Association. As The studio's science adviser, Lonny will make sure that all technical and scientific facts and references in the studio's motion pictures are one-hundred-percent accurate, and even the science fiction is, technically speaking, all science and no fiction. It was their collaboration which resulted in David Rosler's extremely successful laserdisc series for the planetarium industry, “Special Effects Alive” regarded the world over as the best-ever product of its kind. Already Lonny's expertise has helped craft one of Orbiter's most surprising and exciting plot twists. Lonny is a popular and much-sought-after speaker at scientific shows and conventions, sometimes speaking to audiences in the largest venues. Obviously respected and much-admired within the astronomical scientific community, Lonny and can be relied upon to make sure the studio's often scientific aspects are grounded and accurate. 

Richard Catizone


 Richard Catizone, Special Cel Animation and Special Physical Visual Effects

With a BS, a Masters and a Professorship (having created most of the animation curriculums  at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh), Rick started his career out of high school as an animation cameraman  and showed huge dramatic skill right out of the gate by creating the extremely powerful animated still montage which concludes the seminal horror classic Night Of The Living Dead at the company "The Animators" where he eventually served as a partner for 14 years. With a huge artistic range, additional feature work in his own company, Anivision, included Steven King's Creepshow, Creepshow 2 and Riami's ("Spiderman") Evil Dead 2, the brilliant Romero unsung classic, Monkeyshines, Dark Half, Dungeons and Dragons and others  as well as an endless slate of TV commercials and the TV shows including Starship Troopers Chronicles, Kid N Play,  and Xena, Warrior Princess.  That's a very interesting career lineup for a devout Christian who lives his life every day according to the Lord. Rick is currently developing a Christian TV series as well as a show for Fox Animation. Rick will be supplying selected shots using unique techniques for a variety of applications in the studio's productions. 

Mark Southerland


 Mark Southerland - Second Unit Producer/Director, London/Paris/Europe

Mark is a British Art Director, production designer and Director working primarily at the venerable BBC. A desire to enter the Christian filmmaking community has led Mark to offer his services as Second Unit director, handling all of the European scenes for Orbiter according to David's script, direction, and storyboards, allowing orbiter to not simply mimic what happens around the world, but stage these events in the actual locations. Mark's Art Direction includes the BBC version of HG Well's The First Men In The Moon (Not to be confused with David Rosler's production of the same book and name, 2 years earlier); Gulliver's Travels (20th Century Fox); White Angel; London Spy (BBC TV series); Legacy (TV Movie BBC); many other TV movies, series and specials.  His highly diverse talents in television and motion pictures make him an ideal choice to oversee the second unit work in Europe.

Impressive Output


All Involved

Already this highly impressive team of seasoned and hugely talented professionals are networking to get others involved in every way. 2nd Unit work on Orbiter the final feature is being created and the range and power of the output seems to grow noticeably stronger every day. Soon, David Rosler Christian Motion Picture Studios will be a force to be reckoned with at any level of the industry



Studio Mascot and Love Ambassador

A recent addition, little Noelle is the studio live-in mascot.  As Love Ambassador for all visitors and creatives, whose job is to melt hearts. Noelle is excellent at the job she loves!