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The time is the present. WWIII is on a countdown to detonation of earth as the crew aboard the International Space Station struggle to survive as the station is sabotaged to disable backup U.S. communications in advance of the nuclear exchange on earth. Two Christians, surrounded by atheists and an unknown killer, rely on their faith to survive.

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Status: The Orbiter motion picture project is already underway and has a site devoted to all aspects of it, and includes 2D and 3D concept trailers which have been favorably compared to the best that Hollywood has to offer for the style.


Bravery; On Wings Like Eagles

The First Project designed

A tense and exciting futuristic thriller. 50 years in the future, Christianity has been outlawed Regularly televised mass high-tech beheadings of Christians are the accepted entertainment highlights of the month. Social media has become nothing more than a state-sponsored seek-and-destroy operation to identify Christians for elimination. A group of networked freedom fighters, hiding in plain site in society, has but 48 hours to stop a new government technology which, with x-rays and heat-imaging technology, will be able to see into every home on earth, and thus starts the final elimination of every Christian on earth. Can it be stopped?

Status: Director/screenwriter Rosler says screenplay needs revisions. Story is intact.

This was the first project on the boards, but as the screenplay progressed, it was rightfully deemed too costly as the studio's first effort. However it has been budgeted and much of the design work is completed. The title derives from a verse from the Bible: Isaiah 40:31 , "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles." 

Bravery Concept Trailer 2-D

Bravery 2-D concept Trailer

Bravery Concept Trailer 3-D

3-D Stereoscopic Bravery concept trailer.

A Military Tale

A live-action Christian war drama, in 3-D, with tense suspense and visual effects

Because this story is too easily imitated, no story information is being made public. This was the first idea of Producer/Writer/Director David Rosler and remains his preferred first motion picture for the studio despite heavy interest in Orbiter.

Status: READY TO GO BEFORE THE CAMERAS. Screenplay polished and the few who have been allowed to read it agree that it is outstanding. The film has been budgeted and all logistics worked out. Visual effects have all been tested and look excellent. Only casting of the actors and actual live-action production remains.


Gothic Victorian Thriller

... but deeply Christian in message throughout.

No story information is being made public at this time.

STATUS: Screenplay finished and polished, budgeted, designed. Additional interior location negotiated and agreed-upon. Ready for antique prop construction and to go before the cameras. Like all our productions, this will be produced in stereoscopic 3-D, of course.


Contemporary, fast-moving action Thriller

No story information is being made public at this time.

STATUS: Screenplay completed/polished/budgeted with genre elements. Visual effects designed. Ready for quick pre-production and otherwise ready to go before the cameras.  Strong Christian message and in 3-D, as are all our prepared productions.